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Camden Township Recycling


Curbside recycling in conjunction with the Blue can trash collection is available from Allied/Republic Waste Services. Be sure recyclables are Empty, Clean and Dry before placing them in your recycling container. One dirty item can contaminate thousands of pounds of collected materials.

Questions? Contact Republic: (440)-774-3165 or

For what to recycle, check:

We are now able to recycle in our green cans


  • Plastic #1-7: Food & Beverage, Detergent & Soap containers (Clean before putting in can!)

  • Glass: Food & Beverage containers

  • Metal Cans: Aluminum, Steel & Bi-metal Food & Beverage cans

  • Paper: Newspapers, Magazines, Phone books, Junk Mail, Envelopes

  • Cardboard: Flattened cardboard boxes, food boxes with liner removed, file folders & poster board


***Do NOT put recyclables in a BLACK BAG!  They will go directly to the landfill. Bag must be translucent

  • Do Not Recycle: Aerosol cans, containers with excessive foods or liquids. oil or anti-freeze containers, shredded paper, Hardback books, coat hangers, plastic wrap, plastic bags, bubble wrap, toys, flower pots, scrap metal, pots & pans, knives, chains, car parts, batteries, ceramics, china, window glass, light bulbs, Christmas lights, clothing, shoes, blankets, furniture, wood, Styrofoam, hoses, appliances, tires, needles, syringes, medical waste, Alum. foil, Plastics other than 1-7, Yard waste, mower blades, explosives, gas cans, propane tanks, brake rotors, bowling balls, Christmas lights





2 Recycle Bins for mixed papers & 1 for cardboard are available at 417 State Street, Kipton at the former Recycle Building 




Lorain County Collection Center

Check the website for hours & changes before visiting the Center.



Check for places & ways to dispose of mattresses





Camden Township Blue Can Subscribers can put large items on the curb with their Blue Can for trash pick-up on the week of the month indicated by Republic on the regular trash day with the Blue can. Six (6) trash bags & 1 large item permitted per month.


No tires or refrigeration units accepted.

Questions? Check online for questions, or call 774-3165.

This is still accurate. Some residents called & corporate told them there was a fee. There is not.



Habitat for Humanity at ReStore 214 E. 34th St. Lorain

 Thur.- Sat. 10-4 all year (440-244-1046.)

Materials Accepted: 

Counter tops, cabinets, windows, doors, hardware, light fixtures, refrigerators*, stoves*, and tools*

*Items MUST BE in working condition & residents must be able to unload items donated.




See News page for details         


Dumpsters for the entire township are also provided each spring and fall. They are advertised here, at the Kipton Post Office, Pit Stop, and on our sign at 303. Usually in April & Sept. 



Communities have received grants based on amounts recycled in the Green curbside cans. All items must meet EPA standards & be approved by the county before being purchased.

2022 was the last year for Grants.

In 2022 we received a grant for $1,622 for recycling 128.3 tons in 2021. We purchased an office desk & recycled paper products for office & halls.

In 2021, we received a grant for $3,138 for recycling 112.1 tons in 2020. We purchased 1 Backhoe tire, recycled asphalt for driveway approach at Recycle Building and recycled paper products.

In 2020, we did not receive a grant. Our request was not approved.

In 2019, we received $3,013.20 for recycling 149.5 tons. We purchased 4 office chairs, a ladder for the records room, Cemetery sign, Paper towels & Envelopes.

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