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camden cemetery


Cemetery information can be obtained by contacting the Camden township hall. Visit the Contact Us page to find out how. See the Additional Information section for a link to online records.

Cemetery Maintenance is overseen by the foreman of Road Maintenance, Dan "Bud' Helms. Reach him at (440)-775-2441.

Gravesite Clean-Up

Clean-ups will be held 2 weeks prior to Easter and during the second week in October. Please remove anything you want to keep to ensure it is otherwise not removed by mistake. Make sure any decorations are securely attached to withstand wind, mowing, and trimming.

Please Note: Plants are permitted within 1 foot of the gravestone, but no shrubs or trees are permitted. Remember to cut back any perennials that require it.

Cemetery Fee Schedule

Cemetery Graves:

Residents of Camden township or Kipton village: $350.00 per grave

Non-Residents: $900.00 per grave


Single: $175.00

Double: $275.00

Grave Opening and Closing:

Regular Graves - Weekdays: $450.00

Regular Graves - Weekends and Federal Holidays: $500.00

Cremation or Infant - Weekdays: $200.00

Cremation or Infant - Weekends and Federal Holidays: $225.00


All fees for grave deeds are to be paid at a time of recording. Grave sites will be reserved or held for 30 days without payment. 

Installation of Foundations:

Camden township will be responsible for the installation of any and all foundations.

Additional Information

Please Note:

  • Camden Township officials request a copy of the deed to the grave that is presumably presented to the funeral home director at the time burial arrangements are made. (Legal permission from owner/executor is necessary to confirm right to burial if not already established.)

  • The planting of shrubbery is not permitted in Camden Cemetery. Flowers are permissible if planted within 1 foot of the headstone and they are maintained.

  • Cemetery clean-up is 2 weeks prior to Easter and by the 2nd week in October. Please remove important items or make sure they are securely attached prior to clean-up dates.

  • Please notify the township of the burial of a veteran in the Camden Cemetery so flags may be placed.

Indigent Burials

Any internment of indigent residents required to be performed by the Board of Trustees pursuant to Sections 9.15 of the Revised Code, shall be done by cremation in a manner and cost as determined by the Board.

Pursuant to Revised Code Section 9.15, if the body of a dead person is claimed by a person for private internment or cremation, the township is not responsible for the expense of such arrangements.

Digital Records:

Much of Camden Township burial information is online at the website. It's free to use. A name can be entered & information is usually accurate. It has photos of headstones if there is one & obituaries, death certification, or historical notes at times. It is a volunteer organization that has recorded many cemeteries in the county. We have given them a copy of our burial book, and we have added information to our burial book from their website. There are differences from our information & we hope to correct them in the future.


We appreciate any additional birth and death dates you might have or family relationships that might help us locate very old burials in the correct lots in the cemetery. We also request copies of deeds from a long period when the township did not keep a copy, an estimated period from the 30's through the 60's. Officials at the time only recorded a name & lot number.

Additional Informaton
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