• Camden Township


The following services, and more, are offered:

Vaccine Clinics

Call 440-284-3206 to check clinic times & to make an appointment.

Walk-ins Welcome. Visit loraincountyhealth.com/vaccines for more information

Immunizations for Children

Call 440-284-3206 to make an appointment.

Walk-ins Welcome. Visit loraincountyhealth.com/childvaccines for more information

Covid-19 Testing & vaccine

Call 440-284-3206 to check clinic locations & to make an appointment.

Or visit loraincountyhealth.com/coronavirus for more information on upcoming clinics

Lead screening for children

Call 440-322-6367 to make an appointment. Walk-ins available weekdays.

Visit loraincountyhealth.com/lead#testchild for more information


Tips on maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle.

Visit loraincountyhealth.com/healthyeating for more information

Pest Control

Advice on controlling bed bug infestations.

Visit loraincountyhealth.com/bedbugs for more information

Prescription Assistance

Started in 2002, this program can provide prescription medication to

people who are uninsured, underinsured, with high deductibles & co-pays,

or in the Medicare "donut hole".

Visit loraincountyhealth.com/prescriptions for more information

Community Health Assessment

LCPH collectively assesses and prioritizes community needs to

improve the health and well-being of residents

Visit loraincountyhealth.com/cha for more information

Environment & Emergency

Be prepared for emergencies like natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and more.

Visit loraincountyhealth.com/beprepared for more information

School Health Promotion

Making sure students have a healthy and safe environment to learn & play.

Visit loraincountyhealth.com/schoolhealth for more information

Diabetes Prevention & Management

Local programs to help prevent and manage diabetes.

Visit loraincountyhealth.com/diabetes for more information


WIC provides supplemental food which promote good health for pregnant, breastfeeding and post-partum women, infants and children up to age five.

Visit loraincountyhealth.com/wic for more information

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