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Attention All Camden Township Residents: WENS Emergency Notification System is Available

Receive Emergency Notices

Through the cooperation of the Lorain County Commissioners, the Lorain County Emergency Management Agency, the Lorain County 911 Emergency Communications Agency, and the Camden Township Trustees, Lorain County has implemented an Emergency Notification System for its residents.

This system is designed to notify residents of any emergency situation should it arise, via standard phone lines, cellular phones, and email. Those persons using a standard in home phone line are automatically entered into the system. Those wishing to receive emergency alerts via their cellular phone or by email must enroll through the web site listed below.

Lorain County Residents: Sign up for emergency information by home phone, cell phone, text and e-mail at:

“The only thing harder than emergency planning is explaining why you didn’t plan.”

No personal information will be divulged.

Enter your information, the communities and/or townships you would like to receive notification from, and the type of notifications you want to receive.

Reminder: Participation if voluntary. If you wish to receive alerts via cell phone or email, you must enroll, and no personal information will be divulged.



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