Camden Township Recycling 


 Curbside recycling in conjunction with the blue can trash collection is available from Allied/Republic Waste Services.  Questions?  Contact Republic 440-774-3165 or  See below for list of items that can be recycled.


Check for places & ways to dispose of mattresses




  • Communities receive grants based on amounts recycled in the Green curbside cans.    In 2016 we will receive $1,030 for recycling 64.9 tons.  We purchased 4 chairs for the meeting room, a rubber mat for the garage, recycled paper products for the office & rest rooms, 2 letter sorters, cleaning rags, mop heads & a door mat. Only 2 townships recycled less than we did - Huntington & Rochester.  Most Townships collected almost double our amount even those of similar size.


  • In 2015 we received $1,120.34 for 57.3 Tons recycled in 2014.  This year we purchased a recycled cabinet & a bookshelf for the office and some recycled copy paper, info holders, folders, toilet tissue, and a recycle container for the 303 hall


  • All items must meet EPA standards & be approved by the county before being purchased.  We  received $252.38 in 2014 for 17.4 tons recycled in 2013.  This is partly due to not being credited with all our residents recycling.  Other townships benefited from our varied addresses.  We think this has been corrected.  We purchased a recycled white board for the fire dept. 


  • We received $952.44 in 2013 for 61.5 tons recycled in 2012.  We purchased 2 high chairs for the recycle bldg., a new sign for Court St. and paper products for the restrooms & office-all of at least 30% post consumer recycled content.    


  • In 2012 Camden received $1,100 for 62 tons recycled in 2011.   Purchased recycled signs for the Cemetery. The funds can only be used for of recycled items & supplies. 
  • They are no longer counting the paper bins at the Recycle Bldg. in our totals.



To recycle/dispose of other materials such as florescent bulbs, tires etc. check below for contact info for the Lorain County Collection Center in Elyria.



2 Recycle Bins for mixed papers & 1 for cardboard are available at 417 State Street, Kipton at the former Recycle Building.

      For other Recycle information at Collection Center at 540 S. Abbe Road in Elyria check the Lorain County   website:

or call 1-800-449-5463 for information & hours of operation.




  Six (6) bags & 1 large item may be placed at the curb with your Blue Can on your regular trash pick-up day on the second full week (full weeks start with Monday) of each month.  See the News Page for details.



See News page for details

Dumpsters for the entire township are also provided each spring and fall.  They are advertised in the Lorain County Community Guide and here.  Usually in April & Sept.  


   We are now able to recycle in our green cans:

Plastic #1-7: Food & Beverage , Detergent & Soap containers 

 Glass: Food & Beverage containers

 Metal Cans: Aluminum, Steel & Bi-metal Food & Beverage cans

Cartons/Aseptic containers: milk, juice

 Paper Products: Newspapers, Magazines, Phone books, Junk Mail, Cardboard

 Do not Recycle: Containers with excessive foods or liquids. Oil or anti-freeze containers, Shredded paper, Styrofoam, Aluminum foil, pie tins, plastic wrap, plastic bags, toys, flower pots, scrap metal, pots & pans, knives, chains, car parts, batteries, ceramics, china, window glass, light bulbs, Christmas lights, clothing, blankets, furniture, wood, needles, syringes, medical waste, etc. & Plastics other than 1-7


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