Camden Township Building Rentals:

No rentals in March & April due to coronavirus restrictions

Person making payment must be same person signing contract.


303 Complex Rental:


Located at corner of SR 303 & SR 511.  (50679 SR 303, Oberlin 44074 - No Mail)  

Capacity & seating (chairs) for 210.  33 round 60" tables & 8 rectangular 30"x 96" tables for seating. (Extra tables for foods) Has warming kitchen.  No cooking facilities. Kitchen has sinks, refrigerators, & counter space with outlets. (Click on small photos below to view.)



303 Complex Rental Fees:

Camden Township Residents: 

Fri., Sat., Sun. & Holidays: $200.00 + $75.00 Security Deposit


Fri., Sat., Sun. & Holidays: $375.00 + $125.00 Security Deposit


Meetings: $125.00 + 75.00 Security Deposit

Prior Day Set-up:

 Can be scheduled shortly before event if hall is not rented. $50 for 4 hours use. 

   Click on small photos to view the inside of the building.

303 Complex Rental Regulations: 

You Furnish:

  •   Extra trash can liners - 40 gallon size.  Replace liners before you leave.   
  •   Food MUST BE pre-cooked if you are catering the meal yourself.   Warming kitchen only!   
  •   Kitchen items:  Serving utensils, coffee maker, dishes/silverware, dishcloths/towels, paper towels, and detergents  for cleanup.

We Furnish:

  • Warming kitchen with refrigerators, large sinks, outlets for roasters.

  • 33 round 60" tables & 8 white- 30"x 96" tables.  4 Grey 30x96, 2 other 8' tables for hot dishes.
  • Handicap accessible restrooms & drinking fountain.
  • Paper towels, hand soap, & toilet paper in rest rooms.
  • 5 Large trash cans - 32 gal, 1 large recycle can if you want to collect recyclables.
  • Dumpster for trash - receive key with building key.
  • Brooms, mops, vacuum etc. for clean-up
  • First Aid Kit

You will receive instruction on the following:

  • Operation of lights & heating/cooling system.

  • Opening/closing procedures.

 The following are prohibited:


  • Push pins, tacks, & staples.
  • Use of any hot appliances - crock pots, roasters, etc. on white tables.
  • Candles
  • No non-service animals shall be permitted inside the building.  Special requests must be made to the Board of Trustees.

Other Regulations & Information:

  • Park only in graveled/paved areas.
  • Observe posted rules.

  • Observe posted capacity at 210.
  • Return all tables and chairs to proper place.  (Please don't block thermostat in table storage area.)
  • Avoid Glitter!  If you use glitter, please clean it up! It embeds in the floor.
  • $15 per bag fee for any trash left.  Replace trash bags.
  • In winter, set the thermostats at 55 before leaving.
  • In summer, set thermostats at 80 before leaving.
  • Guests should leave by midnight.  Premises must be cleaned & vacated by 1:00 A.M.
  • All lights should be off.  Check rest rooms, remove trash & make sure water is off. 
  • The Complex should be left in same condition as it was found.  A $15 per hour janitorial charge will be deducted from the security deposit if this condition is not met.  $1/bag deducted for bags not replaced.
  • Leave key on bulletin board after cleaning, removing all trash & personal property.
  • The Sheriff's Department, Trustees or their representatives have the authority to enter the Complex Hall at any time to check for violations.
  • Charges will be assessed for damage, missing items, trash, and above normal cleaning required by Township Personnel.


Recycle Building Rental:


Located at 417 State St., Kipton. 

Seats 50.  Capacity is 70.     6 - 30"x96" tables, 65 chairs. Warming kitchen only. (Has refrigerator, sink, stove & small counter. Click on small photos below to view.) Single restroom.



Recycle Building Rental Fees:

Camden Township Residents:  

$25.00 + $25.00 Security Deposit   


  $50.00 + $25.00 Security Deposit

  Click on small photos to view inside.

Recycle Building Rental Regulations:

You Furnish:

  • Extra trash can liners - 40-45 gallon size & empty or replace 10 gal. Rest room liner.

  • Paper Towels for kitchen use.

  • Kitchen items: Serving utensils; dishes/silverware; dishcloths, towels and detergent for clean up.
  • Decorations: May be used around windows, doorframes, and decoration board with tape only.

We Furnish:

  • Tables & chairs (Seating for 50 - Capacity 70) (6 - 30"x 96" )

  • Brooms and dustpan, mops, and bucket (for small clean ups. Found in closet at top of steps.)  Please use the long dust mop for dry sweeping only.

  • 2 Large trash containers.

  • Paper towels, hand soap, & toilet paper in rest room.

  • Warming kitchen with stove, refrigerator & sink.

  • First Aid kit in cabinet with red cross.

Use of the following is PROHIBITED:

  • Push pins, tacks and staples, other than on bulletin board.
  • No substance shall be placed on the floors for dancing such as sawdust, cornmeal, dance wax, baby powder, any type of sand, etc.
  • Candles.
  • Non-service animals shall not be permitted inside of the building.  Special requests must be made to the Board of Trustees. (440-775-2015)

Other Regulations & Information:

  • All trash is to be taken with you.  There will be a $15.00 charge for each bag of trash that is left on the Township premises.  The Dumpsters are for Clean Paper & Cardboard RECYCLING, NOT Trash!
  • All tables and chairs are to be returned to their proper places.
  • Premises must be cleaned and vacated by 1:00 a.m.
  • Check the refrigerator & freezer.  Set at 4 before leaving.
  • In the winter, the thermostat should be turned down to 60 degrees before leaving.
  • Leave the restroom door open when you leave.
  • In winter, leave cabinet doors under sink open when you leave.
  • Lock doors, leave key in the left cabinet over the stove, turn off all lights.
  • The Township Building should be left in the same condition as it was found. If this condition is not met, there will be a janitorial charge of $15 per hour.  $1/bag deducted for bags not replaced.
  • There shall be no dumping of grease or garbage into the drains in the kitchen or restrooms.
  • Park only in the graveled/paved areas.
  • Observe all posted rules.
  • Observe the room capacity (70) as posted by the Fire Chief.
  • The Sheriff's Department, Trustees & authorized township personnel have the authority to enter the Building at any time.


Terms, Conditions, & General Regulations: (Applies to both locations)


To schedule, contact the Township Fiscal Officer at (440) 775-2015

To visit call 775-2015.

Payment:  Person making payment must be same person signing contract.

The security deposit will be required to reserve a date as indicated by the hall rental coordinator. Full payment is due 90 days prior to schedule date. If balance is not paid, date and deposit will be forfeited! There will be a $30.00 fee for all returned checks. This returned check fee and the required rental payment must be made in cash or by money order. 

Make checks and money orders payable to: Camden Township


A cancellation fee may be withheld from paid rental fees that are eligible for refund.  In order for paid rental fees to be eligible for refund, written notification of cancellations must be received no later than 90 days prior to the schedule event date.

Damage and Other Charges:

All damages will be charged at full replacement cost of the items.

A $15.00 per hour fee will be charged if anything is left for next-day clean up.  It is especially difficult for Township Staff to clean properly if another event is scheduled for the day after your event.  If you do not receive the Security Deposit in a reasonable time after the event & you think all rules were followed, please call the office.



Curfew is MIDNIGHT, and clean up must be completed by 1 a.m. (See other regulations for clean up.)


Caterers must have a CURRENT HEALTH BOARD PERMIT and adequate liability insurance coverage as determined by the Township Trustees.

If any ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are served, it is your responsibility to comply with any and all laws, regulations, and rules set forth by the Ohio Department of Liquor Control and to obtain any permits required by said agency.


In case of power failure due to overloaded circuits or other problems, call the Trustees:

Jim Woodrum: 821-2846     Jim Hozalski: 935-1810        Gust Ristas: 775-2521

No meetings or activities may be conducted on the Township premises which are not open to the Camden Township elected officials or their designated representative.


Call the office at (440) 775-2015 several days before the event to arrange for a key.

For emergency key in evening: Connie Karney 775-1139, Cherie Parrish 774-3997 (leave a message!) or a trustee.




Found:  Battery charger & Battery Pack at 303 Hall



 If you lost them call 440-775-2015 or email use form on Contact Us page





Call 440-775-2015 or email use form on Contact Us page      

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